Vehicles and Drivers used in our China Tours

All our drivers are certified for driving tourists, we do not use "black cars" which are commonly used illegally and unsafely in the Chinese tourism industry. We have a fleet of vehicles at our disposal, so depending on the size of your group we will give you one that is the right size. We aim to never completely fill a vehicle, we will move up one size before that happens so everyone has enough room to spread out and stow their luggage.

Normally you will have the same driver every day in a city. Drivers do not speak English, that is the job of the guide. Our drivers are trained to drive safely and slowly in what is often a chaotic road. It is their job to make you safe and comfortable.

Cars and vans will have seat belts for you to use. Some larger buses may not. We can provide child seats in Beijing on request. Please book in advance as we have a limited supply.

There are different types of cars, vans and buses used in various cities around China, so we won't list them all here. You can see photographs in our slide show of the ones we commonly use in Beijing. Whatever the vehicle, we will provide a clean and safe one.

It is our company policy to provide you with unlimited free drinking water in your vehicle. It is your guides job to make sure this is available. Drinking plenty of water while traveling will help keep you healthy!

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