Singing Sand Dunes Park

鸣沙山   Part stunning natural landscape, part desert amusement park, this designated natural scenic zone offers something for everyone. The Crescent Moon Lake oasis is the park's crowning jewel. Surrounded by towering sand dunes, this pool is the source of Dunhuang's importance as a stopping point on the Silk Road. It is a spectacular place to watch the sun rise or set.

The rest of the park has been outfitted with sand slides, camel treks, and the like. While fun for families with children, this can also feel kitsch and touristy. However, for those interested in trekking across the dunes, it is easy to by-pass the crowds and get away from it all on one of the many outlying desert trails. Make sure to bring plenty of water and clothing to protect your skin from the excruciating sun.

Average time for this activity (in hrs):   2

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