The Great Wall of China Simatai near Beijing

Sleep on The Great Wall of China

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Sleep in this ancient watchtower on the Great Wall of China,
above Jinshanling and wake up to sunrise on the Great Wall.

Do not expect much in the way of creature comforts as the tower is one large room. However the Chinese hospitality is great and hey, you're sleeping ON the Great Wall of China.

They will provide you with bed on the floor, blankets and pillows.

You will have a Chinese food feast including home made jiaozi (dumplings) and other dishes as well as beer in a local home in Jinshanling village. Breakfast is up on the wall and includes Nescafe, noodles and bananas. Sustenance for a day on the wall! Also included is all the bottled water you need.

Accommodation Great Wall Sheraton Beijing China

To sleep on the wall call our The Beijing Guide's tour department on country code 86 13552363179 during Beijing business hours (local time below), or e-mail us. Also see our Tours and Price List

Sleeping on the wall is only available from late March through early November due to the weather. However we offer winter specials including a night in a hotel at the base of the wall, a night in a farmhouse or both. Our trip includes a guide and luxury transportation to and from the wall.

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The Great Wall of China

Walking away from the tower in the morning.

Here is an e-mail from one of our readers who stayed in the watchtower:

    Your website was a wonderful discovery.....just prior to my departure for Beijing. The panoramic tours gave 'real life' to the fotos I had seen of the sites I would be visiting during my visit to China.

    The best discovery, however, was the information about sleeping on The Great Wall Of China. I had Chinese friends contact the brothers to arrange my visit and sleepover.

    I've been fortunate enough to live and travel all over the world -- and I've seen many wondrous sites, but this was the singular most exciting travel experience of my life.

    We hiked up the Wall to the Watchtower hut, had an instant coffee, then proceeded to hike further up the Wall towards Simatai.

    It was a beautiful, clear late afternoon (unfortunately there wasn't a cloud in the sky to reflect the sunset, but it hardly dampened my excitement). My guide Sun and I saw the sunset in the west, simultaneously watching the full moon rise in the east. How spectacular was that?!

    Sun's wife cooked mountains of pot stickers, and two other wonderful dishes and we sat in Sun's family home and feasting ourselves into a dreamy stupor. (Sun's periodic swigs of Chinese rice wine might have added to his dreamy, contented state.....or maybe it was just where we were!)

    We hiked back up and Sun proceeded to make our beds....two sleeping bags each, one inside the other. When my bed was ready, he motioned for me to slide inside; I felt like a sausage. Sun then proceeded to throw a very large down quilt over me, and literally tuck it all around me, patting me as he went....all the time smiling his very expressive Mongolian smile, humming and singing as he had since I arrived, mumbling in Mandarin, and finally, giving my belly one more pat, muttured one final exclamation of satisfaction with his work tucking me in for the night.

    I awoke around 3:00, stepped outside for a quick visit with Mother Nature....and just stood there in awe as I looked up and down that great wall illuminated by the full moon....and not a sound anywhere. At that moment, I was on top of the world!

    Sunrise was clear, but colorless....but who gives a damn? It was still a once-in-a-lifetime experience.....topped off with a bowl of instant cup-a-noodles and sweet instant coffee. Delicious! And who could ask for a happier, more congenial host than Sun? The whole experience was PERFECT!

    My two weeks in Beijing were absolutely spectacular, but this was the icing on the cake!

    I can't thank you enough for the information on your website.

    Dick Whitaker
    Los Angeles

    For complete details on prices and booking please read our Price List