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Company Policies

Individual train, plane and hotels policy

We do not book hotels or flights unless it is part of a tour package.

We do not arrange individual tickets for trains originating outside Beijing, unless it is part of a tour package. However, we do offer transfers to the train station with tickets for trains originating from Beijing even if they are not part of a tour. We do not offer transfers to the train station alone.

Airfare policy

Some quotations on the website include airfare. These are all domestic flights. We quote airfare pricing at a 50% discount. Depending on the length of time before you embark on your tour and the policies of the airlines, this price may change before we book the flights. We will notify you if the price changes.

Child discounts

Sleep on the Wall

Children age 14 and under receive a CNY600 discount from their tour price. Children age 3 and under are free. Age is calculated at the time of travel. Passports must be shown to guides for verification. There must be at least 2 paying adults for the child discount to apply.

Other tours

Children age 12 and under can receive up to 35% discount from their tour price. Children 5 and under are free. Please let your agent know your children's height and date of birth to find out the discount.


Children under 2 years will receive a 90% discount on domestic airfare. Children ages 2-12 will receive a 50% discount.

Tibet tour policy

Due to special permit requirements, Tibet tours with train transportation must be booked (with deposit paid and all passport information sent to your agent) more than 60 days prior to intended departure date. Tibet tours with flights to Lhasa must be booked (with deposit paid and all passport information sent to your agent) more than 30 days prior to intended departure date. Your agent will need a copy of your Chinese visa to apply for your Tibet Travel Permit.

We can send you an official invitation letter to help you with your Chinese visa application once the deposit has been paid.

Payment policy*

We require a 60% deposit for all tours. The deposit must be paid at least 15 days before the start of the tour. The balance must be paid at least 7 days before the start of the tour or in cash to the guide on the first day of the tour. We do not accept payments on a day-by-day or hour-by-hour basis.

Cancellation policy*

Cancellation charges reflect the many expenses The China Guide cannot recover if you cancel, even if you must do so due to illness, injury, or personal emergencies. These fees are not meant to be punitive. The charges made reflect the expenses The China Guide has incurred in administering your reservation and planning for your tour. We recognize that the majority of those who cancel their reservations do so out of necessity. Please note that we do not make any refunds for any unused portion of your trip, not arriving, arriving late, or leaving the trip early.

Cancellation date is the date the notice is received by The China Guide by email or phone call.

Refunds for single city tours

  • 5 days before the tour starts: Full deposit
  • 2 to 4 days before the tour starts: 50% of your deposit
  • 24 hours or less before the tour starts: No refund

Refunds for multi-city tours or tours including flights, trains or hotel bookings

  • 45 days or more before the tour starts: 90% of the tour price
  • 30 to 44 days before the tour starts: 70% of the tour price
  • 10 to 29 days before the tour starts: 50% of the tour price
  • 10 days or less: No refund

For camping and sleeping on the Great Wall

Rescheduling may be done more than 24 hours in advance without penalty. This allows for change of plans, illness or bad weather.

For tours that include a Yangtze River cruise

The deposit is non-refundable if the tour is canceled less than 20 days in advance.
*These policies apply to standard tours. For policies on student programs or tours with special activities, please inquire.


Tour length
to days
China tours
1 day CNY 690
This tour takes you to three historically important sights outside Beijing's bustling city center. Mutianyu is a section of the Great Wall known for its fabulous views and the toboggan that you can take down the mountainside! We will make two stops at the Ming Tombs; the first is the underground tomb of the Wanli Emperor (the only Ming tomb to have been excavated,) and the other is...

China tours
1 day CNY 470
If you want to visit all of capital’s must-see attractions but don’t know where to start, don’t worry - we have you covered. We will whisk you off to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven. Not only will you have a private chauffeur, but you will also have your very own guide (fluent in English and an expert on local culture and history.) If...

China tours
4 days
Discover two of China's lesser-known cities over the course of this four-day tour. Datong is home to some of the country’s most awe-inspiring ancient attractions, such as the Hanging Temple and gorgeous Yungang Buddhist Grottoes. The walled city of Pingyao is one of the best-preserved ancient towns in China and the birthplace of China's imperial banking system. What makes...

Beijing → Datong → Pingyao → Xi'an
China tours
11 days
Your adventure starts in Beijing. You will be able to visit all of the capital’s must-see sights, as well as take the path less trodden by exploring the hutongs (or traditional alleyways) many of which have been standing since the Ming Dynasty. An important stop on the celebrated Silk Road, Pingyao is steeped in history. Your Pingyao quest is to become a calligraphy master, or if you...

Beijing → Pingyao → Xi'an → Luoyang → Beijing
China tours
3 days
Jiuzhaigou is an area of superb natural beauty, featuring colorful lakes and multi-level waterfalls, is part of the Min Mountains and is on the edge of the Tibetan plateau. This tour takes you to the two major national parks in the area and accommodates you in a unique Tibetan village. The hotel is in an open valley where you can hike or go horseback riding. If you want horse riding added to...

China tours
2 days
For those who want a quick getaway from the bustling city of Shanghai, this two-day tour, including a trip to the Great Wall, could be just the answer. Get a taste for the city by digging into to some delicious Beijing duck, originally served exclusively to the Emperor and his family. Spend the rest of the day visiting Beijing’s must-see attractions. The second day has two main...

Shanghai → Beijing → Shanghai
China tours
7 days
Cloud-shrouded mountains, tranquil lakes, white-washed canal towns, and China's jewel in the east; this is what visitors dream about China. This tour gives you a little bit of nature, a touch of modernity, and a lot of history and culture. Starting and ending in Shanghai, this tour includes the most popular sights of the city. Second, you will visit Hangzhou, home to the majestic West...

Shanghai → Hangzhou → Suzhou → Huangshan → Shanghai
China tours
6 days
This route is great for those who want a taste of Yunnan with a bit of comfort. It includes the best of Kunming and Lijiang, as well as a day trip to Shaxi village. No matter what time of year you visit, it is guaranteed that Kunming will have spring-like weather. Often overlooked by tourists, the city has its fair share of unique sights as well! Lijiang is a magical place brimming with...

Kunming → Lijiang → Shaxi → Lijiang
China tours
3 days
Travel first class from Beijing to Luoyang and back on a high speed train capable of going over 300km/h! Trains in China are much more fun, spacious and reliable than planes, so both journeys will be unforgettable! On your arrival in Luoyang, we will take you straight to your luxurious suite at Christian's Hotel. The first full day of your Luoyang adventure will be kung fu themed!...

Beijing → Luoyang → Beijing
China tours
2 days
There is more to visiting the Great Wall of China than simply ticking something off a bucket list, so why not do it in style? Pamper yourself with this fantastic overnight escape. Walk at your own pace along the Great Wall and around the Ming Tombs, as our guides share their expert knowledge on China’s rich history. You will stay overnight at the tranquil ‘Brickyard at Mutianyu.’ The...

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