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Ruijin Hotel 上海瑞金宾馆

Ruijin Hotel

上海瑞金宾馆   During the 1920s, the original owner likely spent considerable time reviewing the design for what must have been her "dream house." Most sources indicate that a Jewish noblewoman from England named Marcus first lived here. However, the style of the mansion is very much French, with its Mansard roof, French windows, and eclectic interior, which uses a fleur de lis motif in many of the architectural details.

The combination of architectural beauty and historical interest makes the Ruijin Hotel a unique treasure of contemporary Shanghai. The hotel grounds also houses a number of high end restaurants.

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Jewish people played a significant role in Shanghai's development before 1949. Many wealthy and successful entrepreneurs lived in the city and ran thriving businesses. From 1933 to 1941, Shanghai accepted over 30,000 Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust in Europe. About 20,000 Jewish refugees lived harmoniously with local citizens in the “Designated Area for Stateless Refugees”,...

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