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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club

玉龙雪山高尔夫球场   A long golf course is considered to span 7,200 yards. The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain's golf course distance is 8,450 yards, making it the longest in the world. Situated in the thin air of the Himalayas at an altitude of 10,000 ft. (3,050 m) — it interestingly allows shots to travel farther in the thin air. Some epic holes include a 735-yard par 5, a 525-yard par 4 and a 270-yard par 3.

Designed by Neil Haworth, the course is blended into the natural scenery offering spectacular snow-crested mountain views. The mountain-side location also ensures moderate temperatures all year round.

The 18 rounds of golf can be combined with the nearby Lijiang Impression Show or a trip up the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain cable car.

Average time for this activity (in hrs):   4.5

Opening hours:   9:00am until 5:00pm


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1 day
A day of high altitude sport, start the day by playing 18 holes of golf on the highest golf course in the world. The air is so thin you can drive the ball further than normal, which is good because there is a par 5 hole over 800 yards long. After your round of golf you can get lunch in the golf club. We don't include it in the price, you can order and pay for your drinks and meal...

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