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Lijiang night life

  Once an old, quiet village, Lijiang is now a party town after dark. A major attraction for young Chinese, music pounds from singing and dancing shows. Its a safe and fun environment, and gives you a chance to see where modern China is headed. Most of the bars charge for a bucket of beers or drinks by the bottle, so the price to get in can be a bit high. Make sure you understand when you go in what you are commiting yourself to pay. It's equally entertaining just to walk the streets and peer in the open windows and doors of the clubs.

Lijiang's night life is one reason why many foreign tourists now opt to stay in more remote places, such as hotels at the outskirts of Lijiang, or else the nearby town of Shuhe. Nonetheless, it's worth checking out this spectacle if you want to see or meet young Chinese people having fun.

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This route is great for those who want a taste of Yunnan with a bit of comfort. It includes the best of Kunming and Lijiang, as well as a day trip to Shaxi village. No matter what time of year you visit, it is guaranteed that Kunming will have spring-like weather. Often overlooked by tourists, the city has its fair share of unique sights as well! Lijiang is a magical place brimming with...

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