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Luoyang Museum

洛阳博物馆   One thing well worth doing in Luoyang is the museum featuring an extensive collection of ancient Zhou Dynasty bronzes as well as Han and Tang Dynasty porcelains, nearly all of which were made and found in the area, giving a sense of the former grandeur of the ancient capital. The Luoyang museum is a sparkling new building, having just opened in 2011 and featuring broad, uncrowded exhibit rooms as well as good air conditioning, making it a good way to beat the summer heat after the Longmen Caves. Even those with only a passing interest in porcelain should be satisfied by the excellent displays.

Average time for this activity (in hrs):   1

Opening hours:   9:00am until 5:00pm with last admission at 4:00pm


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China tours
3 days
Travel from Beijing to Luoyang and back in first class on the new high speed train line, surpassing 300 kph. Much more fun, spacious and reliable than flying. On arrival we take you straight to check into your theme suite at Christian's hotel. We can discuss the options for your itinerary, hotel and meals. Have a look at some of the hotel room photos by clicking on the hotel name.

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China tours
3 days
This three day Luoyang tour takes in all the sights of the area. We can customize it, add hotels and train tickets as you might require. Special features include a Kungfu lesson at the Shaolin Temple. Optionally we can arrange a night at the hotel inside the Shaolin Temple, which gives Kungfu enthusiasts maximum opportunity to observe and participate.

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