Acrobat Show Portman Theater

波特曼剧院杂技   A rollercoaster ride of thrills and spills for any spectator, the Portman Theater Acrobat show is one of the best acrobatic shows in all of China. This historic art form originates from the Warring States Period (475 BC-221 BC), when people began to express their emotions through a combination of dance and martial arts. The show includes juggling, diving, pole climbing, trapeze, plate spinning and above all, baffling displays of human strength and agility. Prepare to be amazed by China’s most talented young acrobats!

Average time for this activity (in hrs):   2

Opening hours:   7:30pm until 9:00pm with last admission at 7:20pm

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Longitude: 31.227023; Latitude: 121.451819. Satellite view does not match the Map view due to Google's rendering.

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