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Andrés Rodriguez 安德烈 Director of Business Development Hailing from a small city surrounded by volcanoes in the Andes of South America, Andres decided to undertake a new adventure on the other side of the world where he discovered his love for China and Southeast Asia. His passion for travel, research and marketing experience is a perfect fit at The China Guide. In his spare time, he can be found drinking coffee in the hutongs, reading the travel and economic sections of the newspapers, and planning his next China adventure.
Jenny Jing 荆敏 Director of Educational Programs Originally from Henan, Jenny works as a student program planner and travel department manager at The China Guide. With multiple years of experience in a variety of areas in the travel industry, Jenny sees her travel experiences as the most inspiring part of her life. Having traveled extensively throughout China and other countries in Asia, Jenny’s expertise is unique in that she enjoys traveling alone just as much as traveling in a group.
Ignacio Dapena 纳乔 Travel Department Manager Ignacio arrived in China to study Chinese. Since the first day, he hasn’t stopped traveling to discover this magnificent country. Getting off-the-beaten-track led him to discover many incredible corners of China that he had never even imagined existed. Now he devotes himself to his passion, preparing trips that show not only the major sights but also the most unknown corners of every city.
Jing Lian 景良 Travel Department Manager Lian graduated from the University of Jinan in China and got her masters degree in International Tourism from Joseph Fourier University in France. Fluent in both English and French, Lian is always eager to listen to traveler's needs and create custom travel experience. With an eye for details and experience traveling all over the world, Lian brings something unique to every tour she plans.
Cédric de Miguel 赛克 Marketing Coordinator Cédric manages The China Guide’s French and German marketing. Half-French, half-Spanish, he has always thrived in multicultural environments and thus became a travel aficionado. Outside the office he lives a hectic life between traveling China, learning the language and exploring the most off-the-beaten track parts of Beijing.
Sarah Liu 刘艳雪 English Travel Agent Passionate about traveling in and out of China, Sarah joined The China Guide in 2013 as a travel agent and student program planner. She enjoys working with clients to create trips that combine China’s history, culture, traditions, and natural wonders, as well as helping professors design educational programs.
Dora Dong 董豪宇 English Travel Agent A Beijinger through and through, Dora loves her city, but has also traveled extensively all over China. She knows the popular destinations well and enjoys sharing opinions with her clients to help them customize their trips.
Francisco Hernandez 弗兰克 Spanish Travel Agent A longtime fan of Asian cinema, particularly Chinese movies, Francisco headed to China after graduating from film school. Fascinated by China's beautiful complexity, Francisco has been studying Chinese and recently started reading modern Chinese literature in Chinese. His passion for China's culture and history is reflected in every tour he plans.
Swannie Virapin 斯旺尼 French Travel Agent Born in France, Swannie has always been fascinated by Asia. Her first experience living abroad brought her to China and she has been here ever since. With a deep interest in China’s people and culture, Swannie loves to share her passion with others. As a travel agent working with French visitors, she is able to use her experience and knowledge in tailoring the best travel plan.
Wieland Schmid 施龙 German Travel Agent Wieland works with The China Guide’s German-speaking clients. Half-Chinese and Half- Swiss, Wieland is passionate about traveling, Asian history, and rugby. His best travel experience to date was backpacking through Xinjiang. When building tours, he combines his knowledge of Western travel styles with a focus on Chinese culture and traditions, to create balanced and exciting tours for his clients.
Alice Wang 王佳辰 Tour Operator Hailing from Inner Mongolia, Alice is a tour operator in charge of booking tour logistics and show ticket inquiries. Her favorite travel experience was going to Hong Kong where she was able to go to Disneyland and eat delicious Cantonese food to her heart’s content.
Rachel Qiu 仇祥祥 Director of Human Resources Originally from Shandong Province, Rachel is in charge of The China Guide’s human resource department. She believes traveling is an essential part of life. Her most unforgettable trip was to Tibet, where she was awed by the sacred Jokhang Temple.
Yvonne 刘志敏 Accountant Yvonne has been with The China Guide’s accounting team since 2013. She works as a cashier and accounting assistant. A travel enthusiast as well, Yvonne's most memorable trip to date was Taiwan, because of the warm, friendly people she met there.
Una 臧梦宇 Accountant Una joined The China Guide just after graduating university. She works with the accounting team as a cashier. A travel and sports enthusiast, Una's next trip will be to Sanya on tropical Hainan Island.


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China tours
13 days
Want to go to China, but don’t know where to start? This tour is the one for you. Covering six incredible destinations, the Classic China Tour offers everything from mountain getaways, to a ride on the fastest train in the world! As soon as you arrive in the capital, Beijing, you will be thrown into the unique culture of the city. You’ll jaunt around the local neighborhoods in a...

Beijing → Xi'an → Guilin → Li River Cruise → Yangshuo → Shanghai
China tours
1 day CNY 690
This tour takes you to three historically important sights outside Beijing's bustling city center. Mutianyu is a section of the Great Wall known for its fabulous views and the toboggan that you can take down the mountainside! We will make two stops at the Ming Tombs; the first is the underground tomb of the Wanli Emperor (the only Ming tomb to have been excavated,) and the other is...

China tours
3 days CNY 1,410
Just imagine - three nights in a row of amazing sleep because the kids are so worn out from the day’s adventures. This 3-day tour includes tickets to a panda kung fu show, a visit the Beijing Zoo, and a ride around the city's alleyways on the back of a cycle rickshaw. However, the Beijing Family Fun tour isn’t just for kids; as the name suggests, there is something for everyone! It is...

China tours
1 day CNY 550
This itinerary is perfect for families with kids of any age. Who doesn’t love pandas? At the Beijing Zoo, you can get up close to everyone’s favorite animal, without having to travel all the way to Chengdu! There is also a spacious green park at the zoo, with fun exhibitions and a children's playground. The hutong (alleyway) tour includes a trip up the Drum Tower, where you...

China tours
3 days CNY 1,840
Pingyao is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for good reason. The stunning walled city has been impeccably well preserved. You’ll ride first class to Taiyuan, followed by a two-hour drive to Pingyao. Inside the city walls, pedestrians rule; the absence of cars means a stroll around the city streets is a much calmer and more laid-back experience than walking anywhere else in China!...

Beijing → Taiyuan → Pingyao → Taiyuan → Beijing
China tours
2 days
If you want to see a more remote and authentic part of the Longsheng Rice Terraces, then a visit to Tiantouzhai Village is a great choice. The (uphill) walk takes 45 minutes to an hour and there is beautiful rice paddy scenery all along the way. You will stay overnight in a small inn and wake up to see the remarkable sunrise. What makes this tour special: Tiantouzhai is quiet and clean,...

Guilin → Longsheng Rice Terraces → Guilin
China tours
1 day CNY 360
This tour will give you a look into early 20th century Shanghai. First, you will stroll along historic Duolun Road, home to many of the most famous Chinese writers and revolutionaries of the 1920s and '30s. Next, you will visit the sights of Shanghai's American concession, home to many Jewish refugees during WWII. Spend the afternoon exploring Shanghai's elegant French Concession,...

China tours
4 days
When wandering the streets of the Tibetan capital, the smell of incense, bright colors, and the sound of Buddhist mantras are everywhere you go. A trip to the Lhasa will teach you everything you want to know about Tibetan culture, cuisine and history. What makes this tour special: This short trip to the Tibetan capital has been designed especially for those with an interest in the culture...

Tibet / Lhasa
China tours
2 days CNY 980
This activity-filled tour is a great way to sample the rich culinary and cultural heritage of Sichuan in its boisterous capital, Chengdu. Activities include a Sichuan cuisine cooking class, visiting a traditional Chengdu teahouse, tasting the tongue-numbing Sichuan hotpot, witnessing the ancient art of face-changing, and sampling the many flavors available at one of the city's most famous...

China tours
3 days
This tour takes you to all the highlights of Guangzhou. In two days, you will explore some of Guangzhou's most important historical sites, including ancient sites such as the Nanyue King Mausoleum. You will learn about Guagnzhou's role as one of the regions most important trading hubs while exploring the Guangzhou City History Museum and the Western-style trading settlement on Shamian...

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