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Tibet / Lhasa Travel Guide

Tibet is one of the world's mystical destinations, and rightfully so. It has a rich cultural heritage and a proud ethnic people. While Tibet has gone through major changes in the past 50 years, the people and landscapes which make it such a fascinating place are easily visited.

Because of the political climate in Tibet there are a number of rules in place concerning group size and itinerary which need to be followed when planning a trip. Also be aware that sometimes the region will close to foreign tourists without notice.

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Longitude: 29.621221; Latitude: 91.172104. Satellite view does not match the Map view due to Google's rendering.

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4 days
This tour captures the essence of Lhasa, Tibet's crown jewel. Here you will experience the sounds, smells, and soul of Tibetan culture. Visit the area's most mystical monasteries, including Drepung, Sera, and Jokhang. Experience the Barkhor pilgrim circuit where people from all over Tibet blend together in a maze of stalls winding up to the Johkang monastery. What makes this tour...

Tibet / Lhasa
4 days
When wandering the streets of the Tibetan capital, the smell of incense, bright colors, and the sound of Buddhist mantras are everywhere you go. A trip to the Lhasa will teach you everything you want to know about Tibetan culture, cuisine and history. What makes this tour special: This short trip to the Tibetan capital has been designed especially for those with an interest in the culture...

Tibet / Lhasa
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