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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong for many years was the gateway to China. As a British colony until 1997 it has a distinct culture which is the combination of Cantonese and British heritages. It is easy to get around in Hong Kong, public transportation is good and many people speak English. Realize that Hong Kong is about two or three times more expensive that mainland China. So if you are touring you might do well to be more independent in Hong Kong if you want to save on your budget. Hong Kong is a good place start or end a trip to China.

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Longitude: 22.371666; Latitude: 114.11499. Satellite view does not match the Map view due to Google's rendering.

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Hong Kong is a unique Chinese city, part of the British empire for 99 years and then handed back to China like a gift in 1997. While officially part of China, it is still "one country, two systems" which helps preserve its unique culture. Our one day tour is arrange to show you the most of Hong Kong you can see in a single day. If there are other sites you would like to see we can add a...

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