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Xi'an Travel Guide

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Xi'an is considered one of China's must see destinations, the home to the Terracotta Warriors. People usually visit Xi'an for 1 or 2 nights and is a good part of a loop between Beijing and Shanghai or other destinations. You can get there by plane or the overnight train is also convenient from Beijing.

Xi'an is one of the few ancient Chinese cities with its old city wall still intact. You can walk on it or even ride a bike. The Muslim area is colorful and authentic, worth a walk around and also not a bad place to have dinner and do a bit of shopping.

The Terracotta Warriors are about 1 hour outside the city, look on the map below for details. Nearby the warriors are the Huaqing Hotsprings, which is more of a nice park with an historic spring, but no swimming.
Xi'an is famous for its Tang Dynasty show. This can be experienced with or without the accompanying Dumpling Dinner. The Muslim Quarter is also active in the evening and worth a stroll if you want to get out. This connects to a large square around the Drum and Bell towers which is also nice for walking, shopping and dining.

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Longitude: 34.31792; Latitude: 109.082565. Satellite view does not match the Map view due to Google's rendering.

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Xi'an tours
1 day
Your first stop is on the outskirts of Xi’an, where you will find the final resting place of Qin Shihuangdi and his protectors into the after-life, the Terracotta Warriors. Then it’s time for lunch, a quick and simple (yet authentic) Chinese meal. That will give you the energy you need to explore the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the old city walls. You’ll wrap up the day in the Muslim...

Xi'an tours
1 day CNY 710
This tour covers a lot of ground outside of Xi'an, meaning you can escape the crowds! Of course, the Terracotta Warriors always attract a lot of visitors, but you should find some peace of mind at Huaqing. What makes this tour special: The highlight of this itinerary is the visit to a countryside home and the fantastic lunch you will eat there. Nothing is more delicious than a...

Xi'an tours
4 days
On the first day of your Xi’an adventure, you will be able to tick one of the Seven Wonders of the World off your bucket list – the Terracotta Warriors. After that, you’ll head to Huaqing Hotsprings for an afternoon of relaxation. You’ll end the day on a high with a Tang Dynasty performance and plate-after-plate of lip-smacking Chinese dumplings! After a very relaxing night’s sleep at...

Xi'an tours
1 day CNY 800
This day trip will take you from the celebrated Terracotta Warriors to the lesser-known Banpo Ancient Town, with some beautiful sights in between. What makes this tour special: The Terracotta Warriors are widely regarded as the most significant archaeological find of the 20th Century, and for good reason. The fully excavated Banpo Ancient Village also draws in archaeologists from...

Xi'an tours
1 day CNY 810
Terracotta, clay and ceramics are incredibly important in Xi’an, and they have been for thousands of years. Nothing could make that clearer than a visit to the celebrated Terracotta Warriors and the Fuping Ceramic Village. What makes this tour special: In Fuping, you will be able to check out the works of local people, Chinese artists and international ceramists. Even better, you will...

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