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Huangshan Travel Guide

Huangshan is considered to be China's most beautiful mountain. Throughout history, countless artists and writers have been inspired by the picturesque peaks shrouded in mist that are characteristic of Huangshan. Today, the mountain sees far more visitors than it has in the past, however there are enough paths and trails at the summit for any visitor to find a tranquil moment to marvel at the scenery.

The main question for most visitors is how to visit. Cable car or hike? Overnight on the mountain or one day trip? Luckily, each option offers its own benefits. For those who are fit and interested in hiking, we suggest staying overnight on the summit. This gives you the opportunity to do some hiking at the top and to view the famous Huangshan sunrise. For those who would prefer to save time, the summit can be accessed easily by cable car.

The town of Tunxi is the jumping off point for travelers to Huangshan and also the nearby Huizhou Villages. If visiting Huangshan in one day, we advise staying the night in Tunxi either before or after visiting the mountain. Tunxi's Old Street makes for a nice place to stroll and also offers some great accommodations.


Tour length
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huáng shān tours
2 days
Huangshan is a must for anyone who is looking to catch a glimpse of the classic Chinese scenery seen in ancient paintings, screens, and carvings. While the entire park area is huge, this tour provides a good sample of the best scenic spots on the mountain. Staying overnight on the peak allows for more time to explore and also the chance to wake up early for the sunrise, which on a clear day can...

huáng shān tours
1 day
For those who do not have a lot of time, but want to see as much of Huangshan as possible, this one day tour with cable car up and down the mountain is perfect. It includes all the highlights of the peak with the West Sea Canyon loop as well. Train tickets, flights, and hotels can all be added upon request.

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