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Zhangjiajie Travel Guide

The highlight of any visit to Hunan province, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Zhangjiajie is one of the most spectacular national parks in China. Known internationally as the inspiration for the "floating mountains" in the film Avatar, Zhangjiajie is actually a subtropical forest packed with over 3000 karst upthrusts that have been created by centuries of natural erosion.

In comparison to central and eastern China's other national parks, Zhangjiajie is exceptionally covered in flora and fauna. Monkeys can be seen along the paths and many other animals reside off the beaten tourist trails. The parks many hiking trails leading off the main tourist paths are great for botany and bird enthusiasts.

Getting to the park can be a bit difficult. There is an airport with limited flights. Most visitors transfer in and out of the area through the nearby city of Changsha (a four hour drive from the park).


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Zhangjiajie tours
2 days
This 2-day tour of Zhangjiajie takes in all the highlights, including the Ten Mile Gallery, Tianzi Mountain, and Golden Whip Stream. The route is relatively easy since the uphill routes are replaced with the Bailong Elevator and epic Tianzi Mountain Cable Car. The walking paths of Yuanjiajie and Golden Whip Stream are wide and flat. For more serious hikers, we suggest staying an extra day to...

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