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Emei Shan Travel Guide

Mt. Emei, located 150 kilometers south of Chengdu, stands at 3099 meters (10,167 feet) above sea level. On the summit there are temples to visit, some basic restaurants and hotels. Some people choose toe stay at the peak and hope to see the sunrise if there is not too much mist. Staying on the peak will cost about three times as much as staying in the village outside the park area, and the quality will not be great. But for those looking for the sunrise option then the sacrifice may be worth it.

Waves of pilgrims, tourists and hawkers make the mountain and its paths a busy place. Do not come here expecting solitude. While there are quite a few Chinese who visit Emei Shan, the numbers of western visitors are relatively few. This is likely because Emei Shan holds a sacred meaning to Chinese people, and not so much for western visitors. While its scenery is mountainous, it is by no means unique. If you choose to be a pilgrim to Emei Shan, then it is for the experience.


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Those that are serious about their Emei Shan experience stay at the peak, and some even get up before dawn to see the sunrise. Realize that as they have a captive market, hotels at the top offer average service at best, with greatly inflated prices, in comparison to their competition outside the park gate. You do get to enjoy the peak in the evening and early morning, before the army of...

Emei Shan
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