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Sanjiang Travel Guide

About an hour and a half drive from the Longsheng Rice Terraces and about three hours from Guilin, Sanjiang is the name often given to a cluster of Dong villages in northeast Guangxi Province. The area is best known as the home of one of China's architectural wonders, the 78-meter long Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge. The Dong people are renown carpenters and their spectacular bridges, drum towers, and two-story homes can be seen dotting the hills around Sanjiang.

Sanjiang is also a great base for exploring the surrounding countryside. A number of great long and short-term treks are accessible from the villages surrounding the Chengyang Bridge.

Sanjiang also has a great riverside guesthouse nearby the Chengyang Bridge. With balconies overlooking the river and bridge, this can be a great place for visitors to relax for a day or two and a good base for exploring the nearby villages.


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For a great little taste of Guizhou, the Sanjiang cluster of Dong villages is ideal for those looking for a taste of minority life in China. The incredible wooden bridges and drum towers of the villages set in the idyllic rolling hills of northern Guangxi makes for a wonderful day trip. Sanjiang can be accessed by 1.5 hour drive from Longsheng or 3.5 hour drive from Guilin. If traveling from...

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