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Experiental learning & exploration in the Middle Kingdom

After almost 10 years of experience organizing student travel, The China Guide knows how to make every program exceptional, engaging, and exciting. Each trip is filled with chances to learn, whether through person-to-person interaction, site visits, or cultural awakening.

With a staff that has experience both participating in programs abroad as students and helping professors from all over the world organize programs, The China Guide can offer the most comprehensive, in-depth, customized planning service to help faculty carry out a stress-free program that will change students' lives. From art to economics, medicine to political science, the program options offered are limitless.

Program Options


For performing arts, crafts, cuisine, or art history focused groups, China is a wonderland of experiential learning opportunities. With over 1000 years of vibrant culture with which to work, an arts and culture program can open so many doors to your students.

  • China’s booming modern art scene in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou’s art districts
  • Peking opera mask painting class
  • Dunhuang’s Mogao Caves, arguably the best example of classic Buddhist art in the world
  • Jingdezhen’s porcelain workshops
  • Folk song troupes’ morning meet-ups in the Temple of Heaven or People’s Square parks
  • Chengdu’s Sichuan Culinary Institute classes


No matter how many language classes your students take prior to their trip to China, no experience can compare with their first day of haggling at a local market. Our language & history programs focus on providing classroom instruction with the opportunity to interact with local people. Our language courses, either with our private instructors or at our partner university in Beijing, set the foundation to encourage students to engage rather than just observe and finally get out of their comfort zone.

  • Ancient archaeological sites: Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors, Chengdu’s Jinsha site
  • Tea with a local family in Beijing’s hutongs
  • Language activities at local markets
  • Sleeping on the Great Wall
  • Walking tours of China’s wonders: Forbidden City, Shaolin Temple, Jiayuguan Fort, or Xi’an’s ancient city wall
  • Visits to local elementary and high schools


As one of the leading economies in the world, China is the perfect destination to bring business students. Our programs aim to give groups a more comprehensive look at what is going on in China today, from the largest state-owned enterprises to small start –ups. We not only take students to class rooms to hear from some of China’s leading business professors, but we take them inside the companies themselves; touring factories, seeing the development, and meeting the decision makers.

  • Lenovo's Research Center in Beijing
  • China’s largest steel factory tours
  • Shenzhen’s container port
  • The banking history of Shanghai’s Bund & the National Finance Museum
  • Eastern China’s car manufacturing plants
  • Small foreign-owned start-up companies

Economics/International Affairs

As the seat of government, Beijing provides students with the best opportunities for studying China from an international affairs perspective and also taking a deeper look into the country’s “planned” economy. We take students to meet with professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, whether working in the Chinese government or working for foreign governments. We include insiders who can shed light on the economic side of international relations and its prominence in global affairs.

  • China offices of some of the world’s largest and most influential policy consulting firms
  • Experts who have worked on projects within the Beijing government
  • Old former legation quarter walking tour
  • Insight of the American Chamber of Commerce Beijing
  • IR professors at China’s top university


With China’s economic boom, architecture and engineering projects have come to the forefront. Over the past two decades, some of the most incredible, record-breaking feats have been constructed all over the country. For our groups studying architecture or engineering, we take students to the sites to meet with experts on the ground, tour the sites of the country’s most outrageous projects, and experience the historical legacy of China’s traditional architecture.

  • Three Gorges Dam tour & museum
  • Beijing’s courtyard style architecture and preservation efforts
  • Viewing decks of Shanghai’s Jinmao Tower, World Financial Center, or Oriental Pearl TV Tower
  • Beijing’s innovative MAD Architects and Turenscape
  • Shanghai World Expo Park structures and landscape architecture
  • Innovative traditional architectural styles of the Hakka, Naxi, and Miao people


The “it” topic everyone wants to focus on at least a bit when visiting China: environmental issues. Everyone comes to China having heard about the pollution, desertification, and ecosystem destruction, but we like to show the true complexities of what is going on. We partner with non-profits, academics, and businesses to show students the challenges China is facing, the data being collected, and the projects that are working towards improvement.

  • Activist groups working with the government and citizens to combat environmental degradation
  • Rehabilitation projects of wetlands, rivers, and lakes
  • Volunteering with pandas
  • 2-3 day treks through one of China’s least accessible and best protected mountain reserves
  • Organic & no waste farms
  • Introduction to the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs’ new pollution data collection technology
  • Visit to a Chinese multinational company specializing in solar, wind and hidro power


At The China Guide, we make the safety of you and your students our top priority. Our managers have personally visited every destination and experience we offer to asses any possible risks. We make sure that all of our guides and drivers are legally certified and insured. Your guide will be available round the clock and our network of staff will provide immediate response and problem solving support in case of any emergency.

The China Guide will ensure that you have a dedicated support network available before, during, and after your program. Our expert travel planners will work with you to plan the program that is perfectly fit for your students. Every aspect of the trip is customizeable, so your China Guide agent will provide honest suggestions about any of your ideas and work with you to accomodate any changes or new requests. During the program, our expertly trained local guides in each city will provide 24-hour on the ground support for faculty and students. Your agent will also be just a phone call away should you need them. Should you wish for additional support from the moment you arrive in China to the moment you get on the plane to go home, we can also provide a tour leader who will act as additional faculty staff and can help with emergency response, discussion sessions, and reflections.
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