Tibetan House International Hotel

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Jiuzhaigou 九寨沟

Recommended   This hotel is our favorite, located off the beaten path about three miles away from Jiuzhaigou main street. The hotel is actually integrated into a real Tibetan village, with modern hotel rooms added to their homes. The hotel is thus spread out and it is kind of a home stay. We recommend the two room suites, some of them even have access to the home’s kitchen / sitting area. The whole place is an authentic experience unlike anything you will find elsewhere in Jiuzhaigou.

The village itself has one restaurant connected with the hotel, and you can also rent horses and go for a ride into the mountains for several hours. This is a great place to take a rest day while on tour.. You can freely hike in the hills, the village has a huge number of colorful prayer flags decorating it, and the culture of the local people is genuine. If you want to go down to the village then the hotel can arrange a driver to take you for a nominal fee. Its easy to get back again by metered taxi, about a 15 minute drive and 30 minutes to the park. We can’t recommend this place highly enough.

English name: Tibetan House International Hotel

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