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Wheelchairs & Handicapped Travelers

Those who need a wheelchair to get around or are otherwise disabled should not be put off from visiting China. However you must realize handicapped access does not receive the same development priority that it may in the country you come from. Be prepared to face some limitations, but with patience you can still do most things.


Visiting major sights in Beijing such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace are not a problem. Similarly you may visit major sights in Xi'an and Shanghai. Smaller places may be more difficult or limiting, please work with our agent to customize the best itinerary for your needs.

We recommend a ride through the Hutongs (old alleyways) in a cycle rickshaw, a great way to see the street life in old Beijing while being transported comfortably with your group. You do not need to get out and can skip the family home visit if it does not work for you. Other sights such as Tiananmen Square and the Olympic Venues are vast areas which are ideal for wheelchairs. Parks in China are also common venues for wheelchairs and you will see the elderly pushing their own wheelchairs for exercise.

The Great Wall

If you are game and not overly obese you can take a cable car up to the base of Great Wall. This does mean getting out of the wheelchair, into a gondola car, then back into your wheelchair at the top. You might not be able to go further than the gondola exit as the wall has stairs and can be steep. But at least you can get up to the base of the wall. If you are able to walk a little then you can take a brief stroll on the Great Wall.


We provide cars, vans and buses which can fit a wheelchair, but there is nothing with an automatic lift. You must be able to get in and out of the vehicle with assistance of your guide, driver and travel companions.

Wheelchair rental

We can arrange wheelchair rental for those who would like that service. Please make arrangements with our travel agent.

Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels do not have "handicapped accessible rooms" in most cases. When you are ready to book we can recommend options depending on your budget.We will select good local restaurants where you can get in and out easily. If you have special dietary needs or preferences, we can cater to your needs. Let our agent know the details when building your itinerary.


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China tours
7 days
History buffs will love this tour. On this truly eye-opening journey, we will take you from Beijing, which has held the title of capital on-and-off since the 11th century BC, to Xi’an, which held the title for an impressive 13 dynasties. Your Beijing adventure includes a jaunt around the city’s hutong alleyways on the back of a cycle rickshaw. Any trip to Beijing is incomplete...

Beijing → Xi'an → Beijing
China tours
2 days
Cuandixia is a preserved Ming style village located a couple of hours outside Beijing, and is the perfect getaway from city life. Nestled in the hills, the people of Cuandixia live simply, much as they did in the past. Guests stay in modest but modern courtyard accommodation. Staying overnight means you can linger in the village, stroll through the green countryside and take things at...

China tours
1 day CNY 450
Jews played a significant role in Shanghai's development through 1949. Many wealthy and successful entrepreneurs lived in the city and ran thriving businesses. Our tour takes you on the historical trail through Shanghai's Jewish history. Lunch at Shanghai's Jewish Center gives you a glimpse into the continuing role of Jews in China. From 1933 to 1941, Shanghai accepted over...

China tours
1 day
Hong Kong is a unique Chinese city, part of the British empire for 99 years and then handed back to China like a gift in 1997. While officially part of China, it is still "one country, two systems" which helps preserve its unique culture. Our one day tour is arrange to show you the most of Hong Kong you can see in a single day. If there are other sites you would like to see we can add a...

Hong Kong
China tours
6 days
This tour features a wide variety of activities to keep you busy every day! Your journey begins when you step on the bullet train in Beijing. You’ll take part in a kung fu class, make noodles from scratch, do tai chi on Xi'an’s ancient city walls and make pottery at a museum. You’ll also learn a lot about Chinese history from exploring temples, grottoes and tombs! The...

Beijing → Luoyang → Xi'an
China tours
1 day
This tour is perfect for those who enjoy a full-on hike followed by an afternoon of relaxation. Jinshanling offers the best views of the Great Wall. Some portions are restored, but others grow wild, so climbing there is not for the faint-hearted! There is nothing better than a morning hike, followed by a few hours soaking in a mineral-rich pool.

China tours
1 day
On arrival at the Dujiangyan Panda Valley you will receive training and watch a film to orient you in the details of acting as a zookeeper. Your duties include feeding your panda (fresh bamboo, apples, homemade biscuits), cleaning the panda enclosure, weighing the food they are given, and giving them ice blocks if there weather is hot! What makes this tour special: Apart from all the...

China tours
7 days
Cloud-shrouded mountains, tranquil lakes, white-washed canal towns, and China's jewel in the east; this is what visitors dream about China. This tour gives you a little bit of nature, a touch of modernity, and a lot of history and culture. Starting and ending in Shanghai, this tour includes the most popular sights of the city. Second, you will visit Hangzhou, home to the majestic West...

Shanghai → Hangzhou → Suzhou → Huangshan → Shanghai
China tours
3 days
Hangzhou has been thrown into the international spotlight after playing host to the G20 Summit in September 2016. This tour gives visitors the chance to experience the best of this international city, long lauded as one of the most beautiful in China. Featuring prominently in this trip is Hangzhou’s West Lake, a UNESCO World heritage site that has inspired painters and poets from all over China...

China tours
9 days
This tour combines the highlights of both Sichuan and Yunnan, with a focus on nature and culture. Destinations include Sichuan's capital Chengdu, the giant Buddha of Leshan, Yunnan's capital Kunming, the historic Naxi town of Lijiang, and Tiger Leaping Gorge. What makes this tour special: Sichuan and Yunnan offer some of the most unique experiences you can have in China. The...

Chengdu → Kunming → Lijiang → Tiger Leaping Gorge → Lijiang
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