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Medical Care

Health Care on the Road

It is best to make sure you have good travel insurance to cover you while you are in China. If you become sick with something minor, it is possible to see an internationally trained doctor in the big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. The SOS International Clinic is one of many offering such service. But the price is high to see a doctor, run tests and get medicines, thus insurance can be useful. Its also possible to go to a local hospital where costs are lower, but you can experience long waiting times and there can be language problems.

Make sure you have your passport and at least one credit card which you can use if you need urgent medical care. Clinics and hospitals will want payment before giving care. If you have a severe condition you will end up going to a Chinese hospital as the international clinics cannot handle major cases. Often times with insurance policies you will need to pay for your care and get reimbursed later.

If you become ill while on our tours our English speaking staff will take you to a clinic or hospital and stay with you to translate if necessary. However realize you are responsible for your medical bills, we cannot pay them for you.


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China tours
1 day CNY 380
While this tour is aimed at those who are traveling on a relatively tight budget, it could also work as a taster of what we here at the China Guide have to offer. The day’s travel involves a trip to Beijing’s must-see sights. Our world-class guides will give you an insight into the city’s deep history, and teach you anything you want to know about Chinese culture. Although it is...

China tours
1 day
This private one day tour takes you from your hotel in Shanghai and shows you Hangzhou's major sights and then back to your Shanghai hotel all in one day. Famed for its natural scenery, Hangzhou and its West Lake have been subject matter for countless poets and artists. Hangzhou was the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty from 1127 until 1276 when the Mongol invasion occured. The...

Shanghai → Hangzhou → Shanghai
China tours
1 day CNY 360
This tour will give you a look into early 20th century Shanghai. First, you will stroll along historic Duolun Road, home to many of the most famous Chinese writers and revolutionaries of the 1920s and '30s. Next, you will visit the sights of Shanghai's American concession, home to many Jewish refugees during WWII. Spend the afternoon exploring Shanghai's elegant French Concession,...

China tours
2 days CNY 980
This activity-filled tour is a great way to sample the rich culinary and cultural heritage of Sichuan in its boisterous capital, Chengdu. Activities include a Sichuan cuisine cooking class, visiting a traditional Chengdu teahouse, tasting the tongue-numbing Sichuan hotpot, witnessing the ancient art of face-changing, and sampling the many flavors available at one of the city's most famous...

China tours
1 day
On arrival at the Dujiangyan Panda Valley you will receive training and watch a film to orient you in the details of acting as a zookeeper. Your duties include feeding your panda (fresh bamboo, apples, homemade biscuits), cleaning the panda enclosure, weighing the food they are given, the remaining food and their feces, and in hot weather you give them a block of ice. You can also do...

China tours
7 days
Combining the best of north central China, this tour takes you through Beijing, Hohhot, and Datong with a visit to the Xilamuren Grasslands just outside of Hohhot. This is a great tour for those who would like to see some of China's most famous sights (in Beijing) and also have a chance to get off the beaten track. As with all our tours, you can expect experienced guides, quality meals,...

Beijing → Hohhot → Datong → Beijing
China tours
1 day
For a great little taste of Guizhou, the Sanjiang cluster of Dong villages is ideal for those looking for a taste of minority life in China. The incredible wooden bridges and drum towers of the villages set in the idyllic rolling hills of northern Guangxi makes for a wonderful day trip. Sanjiang can be accessed by 1.5 hour drive from Longsheng or 3.5 hour drive from Guilin. If traveling from...

China tours
2 days
This historical and cultural tour will have you visiting the best of Kunming, city of eternal spring. During these two days, the many green spaces in and around Kunming will make for great morning and afternoon leisure time. Additionally, the tour will provide a chance to discover the rich history of Yunnan through two of Kunming's great museums. The undisputed highlight of the tour is...

China tours
3 days
Take a step back in time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life as you experience this three day tour in some of China's most picturesque ancient villages nestled in between rivers and mountains. During this tour, you will visit four Huizhou Villages: Tachuan 塔川, Hongcun 宏村, Xidi 西递, and Tangyue 棠樾. We recommend staying overnight in Tachuan Village, which is very...

Huangshan → Huizhou Villages → Huangshan
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