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Packing for China

Packing for your trip to China What to Pack

You should bring what you will use, but you don’t need to over pack. You can buy most things in China. It's good to have some empty space to put your purchases. If you need another sweater, an umbrella, common toiletries or a hat you can buy it if you didn’t bring it. For more details see our section on shopping.

It's easy to buy cans of Pringles, Oreo cookies, disposable diapers, tampons, Listerine mouthwash and endless other western brands and products that have made their way around the globe. Pharmacies have common medicines, clothes are easy to buy and grocery stores have lots on offer.

Some good things to bring: sunlotion, spare eyeglasses, sunglasses, bug repellent, a mobile phone, laptop computer and prescription drugs.


Usually one rolling carry-on and a rolling check-in are a pretty good setup if you are on a tour. While international baggage allowances will vary, while in China if making domestic flights between cities then you must consider domestic limitations. Normally in economy class it is one check-in bag of 44 pounds / 20 kilograms plus a normal carry on. Enforcement varies so if you are over you may or may not have to pay excess.

Room for Treasures

Leaving empty room for purchases is a good idea, there are lots of fun things to buy if you like to shop.


Tour length
to days
China tours
1 day CNY 440
Passing through Beijing? Don’t miss your chance to experience the best that China’s bustling capital city has to offer. As your time is limited, we won’t waste it. Your short trip will be all about good food, great service and Beijing’s best attractions. Whether your stopover is 12 hours or 72, we have countless Beijing-based activities to suit your schedule. Stroll around...

China tours
1 day CNY 550
This itinerary is perfect for families with kids of any age. Who doesn’t love pandas? At the Beijing Zoo, you can get up close to everyone’s favorite animal, without having to travel all the way to Chengdu! There is also a spacious green park at the zoo, with fun exhibitions and a children's playground. The hutong (alleyway) tour includes a trip up the Drum Tower, where you...

China tours
1 day CNY 390
Cuandixia is a preserved Ming style village located a couple of hours outside Beijing, and is the perfect getaway from city life. Nestled in the hills, the people of Cuandixia live simply, much as they did hundreds of years ago. Hike to the village viewpoint for some stunning views and visit an ancient Ming-era temple. We also offer an overnight stay package that gives you a chance to...

China tours
2 days CNY 790
This two day tour gives you a detailed Shanghai experience. A visit to the Bund gives you a chance to walk along the riverfront and view what was once Asia's most powerful banking center. All the historic buildings lining the Bund were banks. Yuyuan Garden is a peaceful green retreat from the busy city. The Jade Buddha temple is one of our favorite destinations in Shanghai as it is a...

China tours
1 day CNY 480
Zhujiajiao is the closest and most touristed water town near Shanghai. A good choice if you don't have a lot of time. It includes a canal boat ride and you get a chance to stroll the streets of the village. But if you do want to make a longer day of it we would recommend our Tongli Water Town / Suzhou one day tour from Shanghai, or our Two Water Towns in one day tour.

Shanghai → Zhujiajiao → Shanghai
China tours
12 days
This itinerary follows a classic route through China, with activities suited to families, such as biking, the toy market, shows, pandas, cycle rickshaw ride, river rafting and more. Since this is a private family tour you can make schedule adjustments along the way to suit your needs at the time.

Beijing → Xi'an → Guilin → Li River Cruise → Yangshuo → Shanghai
China tours
6 days
A trip to China would be incomplete without a tour of the capital and a chance to taste authentic Beijing duck. A toboggan ride down the side of the Great Wall is sure to be the cherry on the cake. Next up is Xi’an and the greatest archaeological find of the 20th Century, the Terracotta Warriors. Xi’an is also where the northern route of the Silk Road started, in the 1st century...

Beijing → Xi'an
China tours
11 days
Start your adventure in Beijing and begin to tick off all of the sights on your Chinese bucket list, all the while tucking in to delicious local snacks. Widely considered to be the greatest archaeological find of the 20th Century, the Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an were designed to protect Emperor Shihuang into the afterlife. Nearly 2000 years after his death, the site is still steeped in...

Beijing → Xi'an → Zhangjiajie → Shanghai
China tours
1 day
If you are short on time but looking for an interesting and convenient side trip from Beijing, this is one good option. You fly first thing in the morning to Datong and return again in the evening. The only risk involved in this itinerary is if weather or other problems interfere with your flight. For this reason we recommend the more relaxed pace of our two day Datong itinerary if you can fit...

Beijing → Datong → Beijing
China tours
1 day
For history buffs, Qufu makes for an excellent day trip from Beijing. The bullet train takes about two hours leaving you most of the day to explore the three major city sites: the Confucius Temple, Confucius Mansion, and Confucius Forest.

Beijing → Qufu → Beijing
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