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Packing for China

Packing for your trip to China What to Pack

You should bring what you will use, but you don’t need to over pack. You can buy most things in China. It's good to have some empty space to put your purchases. If you need another sweater, an umbrella, common toiletries or a hat you can buy it if you didn’t bring it. For more details see our section on shopping.

It's easy to buy cans of Pringles, Oreo cookies, disposable diapers, tampons, Listerine mouthwash and endless other western brands and products that have made their way around the globe. Pharmacies have common medicines, clothes are easy to buy and grocery stores have lots on offer.

Some good things to bring: sunlotion, spare eyeglasses, sunglasses, bug repellent, a mobile phone, laptop computer and prescription drugs.


Usually one rolling carry-on and a rolling check-in are a pretty good setup if you are on a tour. While international baggage allowances will vary, while in China if making domestic flights between cities then you must consider domestic limitations. Normally in economy class it is one check-in bag of 44 pounds / 20 kilograms plus a normal carry on. Enforcement varies so if you are over you may or may not have to pay excess.

Room for Treasures

Leaving empty room for purchases is a good idea, there are lots of fun things to buy if you like to shop.


Tour length
to days
China tours
1 day CNY 710
This tour covers a lot of ground outside of Xi'an, meaning you can escape the crowds! Of course, the Terracotta Warriors always attract a lot of visitors, but you should find some peace of mind at Huaqing. What makes this tour special: The highlight of this itinerary is the visit to a countryside home and the fantastic lunch you will eat there. Nothing is more delicious than a...

China tours
2 days CNY 820
Shanghai is a city of variety, and this two-day tour was made to prove it! In just 48 hours, we will take you to traditional gardens, museums, shopping streets, waterfronts, temples, old alleys, and even to the top of a skyscraper! The river running through the center of town is more than just a pretty sight. The name ‘The Bund’ refers to the historic row of banks built before World War II...

China tours
1 day CNY 690
This tour was made for those visiting Shanghai by boat. We will pick you up and drop you off at Shanghai Port. Our first stop is Yuyuan Garden, a gorgeous traditional Chinese garden perfect for a stroll or simply an hour of relaxation! Then it is on to the Oriental Peal TV Tower, arguably the most iconic addition to Shanghai’s famous cityscape. From the tower, you will be able to take in...

China tours
2 days
If you want to see a more remote and authentic part of the Longsheng Rice Terraces, then a visit to Tiantouzhai Village is a great choice. The (uphill) walk takes 45 minutes to an hour and there is beautiful rice paddy scenery all along the way. You will stay overnight in a small inn and wake up to see the remarkable sunrise. What makes this tour special: Tiantouzhai is quiet and clean,...

Guilin → Longsheng Rice Terraces → Guilin
China tours
6 days
This tour features a wide variety of activities to keep you busy every day! Your journey begins when you step on the bullet train to Luoyang in Beijing. After spending a few nights in the ancient imperial capital of Luoyang, you'll hop on another bullet train to Xi'an, home of the Terracotta Warriors. You’ll also learn a lot about Chinese history from exploring temples,...

Beijing → Luoyang → Xi'an
China tours
7 days
Starting and ending in Shanghai, this tour will take you to all the major sights of China’s financial capital before you embark on an epic cruise adventure. The cruise we include is on the Century Cruise line, the very best of the five star options! You’ll stop off from short time in Chongqing to explore the Three Gorges Museum, the Luohan Temple and Ciqikou, an ancient town and...

Shanghai → Chongqing → Yangtze River Cruises → Yichang → Shanghai
China tours
1 day
When most people hear the words ‘Beijing art scene’, they imagine ancient architecture, Chinese calligraphy and ink paintings; but there is so much more going on than that. On the outskirts of Beijing lies Songzhuang, a traditional Chinese village that has been taken over by a community of artists and is now home to creative types from all over China and the rest of the world. We...

China tours
1 day CNY 560
Today, most people know Shanghai as a modern metropolis, symbolized by the dazzling Pudong skyline. Yet just across from this impressive skyline is a city packed with some of China’s most fascinating history. During this tour, you will experience Shanghai as a city divided by Western powers, a safe haven for refugees, and a hotbed for revolutionary writers. Spend the day wandering the...

China tours
4 days
Huangshan can be easily visited from Shanghai by overnight train. This option is both convenient and economical as you will save money on hotels. You will be transferred from your hotel or apartment in Shanghai to the train station where you will catch the overnight train to Huangshan. Upon arrival in Huangshan, you will be picked up by your guide and driver and taken into Tunxi old town where...

Shanghai → Huangshan → Shanghai
China tours
6 days
This route is great for those who want a taste of Yunnan with a bit of comfort. It includes the best of Kunming and Lijiang, as well as a day trip to Shaxi village. No matter what time of year you visit, it is guaranteed that Kunming will have spring-like weather. Often overlooked by tourists, the city has its fair share of unique sights as well! Lijiang is a magical place brimming with...

Kunming → Lijiang → Shaxi → Lijiang
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