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Traditional Peking Opera - Liyuan Theater

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Phone: (+8610) 8532-1860 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm)

Tell us the number of tickets, the price of the section you prefer, payment method, showtime, show date and your mobile if you have one. We can then email you back a confirmation.

How it works

You meet our staff at the Liyuan Theater ticket office 15 minutes before the show to receive your tickets and be shown to your seats. While we can arrange a car and driver to pick you up and drop you off, its much more expensive than you simply getting there by taxi. Use our printable taxi map with the address in Chinese to get to the Liyuan Theatre.

Show times

Every evening at 7:30pm (the show lasts 1 hour).

Discounted ticket prices
All prices are shown in
Box Office Prices 1 tickets 2 tickets 3 - 4 tickets 5 - 9 tickets 10+ tickets
¥ 280   (downstairs) ¥ 155 ¥ 145 ¥ 135 ¥ 125 ¥ 115
¥ 380   (sections 1 & 3) ¥ 225 ¥ 205 ¥ 195 ¥ 185 ¥ 175
¥ 480   (section 2) ¥ 355 ¥ 335 ¥ 325 ¥ 295 ¥ 275
¥ 580   (VIP tables) ¥ 495 ¥ 445 ¥ 425 ¥ 405 ¥ 395
The prices for the sections 1, 2, 3 and VIP tables include snacks, fruit and tea.
Scroll down to see the seating chart.

All tickets are billed in Chinese CNY. Prices in currencies other than Chinese CNY are displayed for reference only. The exchange rates are subject to daily change.
Payment methods
  • Cash to our guide at the theater
  • Advance payment by credit card
  • We are not the Liyuan Theater, we are a travel agency and pass on our volume discount to you.
  • We can provide private transportation between your hotel and the theater, please ask for a quote.
  • During the high tourism season please try to book your tickets two days in advance to ensure the availability.
  • Seating chart
  • Theater location map
peking opera liyuan seating map

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