Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide

The Jiuzhaigou region is one of the most spectacular in China, home to awe-inspiring natural wonders and Tibetan-influenced Buddhist monasteries. Jiuzhaigou airport sits atop a leveled-off mountain, so you approach at the same heights as the surrounding mountain peaks and land at an altitude of 3,448 meters (11,312 ft) above sea level. During the summer season the airport has flights directly from Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing and Guangzhou, so it is easy to integrate it into a China tour. Note, however, that flights through this airport are not cheap.

Despite being fairly in the wilderness, Jiuzhaigou does attract hordes of tourists, particularly on weekends and natural holidays. Nevertheless, the crystal clear pools, primeval forests, and stunning mountain scenery are more than worth the trip. Famous for its spectacular blue pools, the nearby UNESCO World Heritage of Huanglong valley is equally as stunning.

As for accommodation we recommend the off-the-beaten-track Tibetan House International Hotel, which is three miles outside the main town and offers a unique opportunity to stay in a Tibetan home in a village. June through October are considered peak season in this area. We suggest bringing some snacks along as you will be walking a fair bit, and the shops are limited.

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