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Why China?

Our world is full of stunning landscapes and beautiful surprises just waiting to be discovered. And while every country has its own special charm, China allows you to fulfil many of your travel fantasies all in one place.

China is a land where the ancient intertwines with the modern. In many cities around China, you can step outside of a dynastic-era temple only to be greeted by an ultramodern, high-tech skyscraper.

With its rich history, China has always been at the forefront of the collective mind, especially as its global influence grows. However, for most of us China is still an enigmatic place. Chances are there are thousands of kilometers between your country and China and even with the internet, information is scarce and sometimes outdated.

So, why is China a special place to visit?

To better understand China, we can look at it from several angles.

We can start by talking about its history, which spans several millennia, and has seen the rise and fall of countless dynasties, each of which have shaped the country in their own unique way.

As a result, travelers to China can visit impeccably preserved ancient imperial residences and tombs, spend time in beautiful temples that exude peace and tranquility, and stroll around gardens that blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural environment.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable symbols of China is the Great Wall, famous for its complexity, history, and, most importantly, its length, the true extent of which is difficult to calculate.

While the ancient Chinese left magnificent structures, modern Chinese cities now boast many impressive works of architecture of their own, such as Beijing’s world-renowned Olympic venues, built for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, not to mention Shanghai’s veritable forest of skyscrapers.

Nature has also been kind to China, making it home to a large number of rare and exotic flora and fauna and landscapes that are simply out of this world. Everyone has heard about China’s pandas, and anyone who’s seen the movie Avatar will be thrilled to see the mountains that inspired the film’s setting in person.

Visit China if you: are curious to find out how the emperors used to live; are seeking architectural inspiration; want to try real Chinese food; want to lay eyes on the highest mountain in the world; want to take out-of-this-world pictures.

Most important of all, visit China if you’re looking for indelible memories to last a lifetime.

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