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Indulging in Exotic Cuisine in Beijing

While one might consider things eaten in China to be at times distasteful, you must bridge the cultural gap and look at it with an open mind. There have been periods of severe famine even as recently as the late 1960's when tens of millions died of starvation in the Great Leap Forward. Back then you would have been glad for what is on today's menu.

Dog is common in Korean restaurants in Beijing. The dogs used are not pets taken from people's homes but are specially raised for food - just as a cow, lamb or chicken would be in the west. If you have an urge to bite a dog, ask for "gou rou" - pronounced "go row" in one of the cities many Korean establishments.

If you are in Wangfujing you should be sure and get down to Wangfujing Snack Street (Wangfujing Xiaochijie, located through an ornamental arch on the west side). Don't let this put you off as the food on this street is mostly "conventional" Chinese and great for lunch or dinner.

There are many little food stalls down Wangfujing Snack Street serving a huge variety of cheap food.


Step up and have a close look.

Read the menu: Seahorse - RMB30, Scorpion - 8, Cicada - 5,
Stinky Fish - 3 and Starfish which are not listed.

Seahorse strengthens sexual ability.

Scorpion makes your blood hotter in cold weather and can cure certain diseases. Bad things attacking bad things.

I'm not sure what cicata does,
but there's only one way to find out...
Bite me!

If you're still hungry after all that - how about a starfish...?

See bug eating live (and live bugs eaten!)