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The China Guide has partnered with animal welfare organization Animals Asia to support their ongoing efforts to improve welfare for dogs, cats, moon bears, and animals in captivity in China and beyond. Many of the destinations we travel to here at The China Guide to are home to fascinating species of animals. As part of our wider commitment to sustainable tourism in China, we are working with Animals Asia to help ensure that future generations know about and respect the welfare of these noble creatures.

About Animals Asia

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Animals Asia’s main campaign is to protect moon bears by rescuing and rehabilitating bears from the bear bile industry which sees over 10,000 bears kept in deplorable conditions in China alone. Bear bile is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine and cosmetics, although there are dozens of herbal and synthetic alternatives available. The organization’s bear sanctuary in Chengdu is the largest animal rescue center in China and is currently home to over 100 bears. Between their two sanctuaries – in Chengdu and Tam Dao, Vietnam - Animals Asia has rescued over 580 bears since 1998.

The charity also works to protect dogs and cats. Founder Jill Robinson launched China’s first animal assisted therapy program, Dr. Dog, which has now expanded to 10 cities across Asia and sees registered dogs make regular visits to hospitals, disabled centers, schools and elderly homes, bringing comfort and love to those in need. Animals Asia also operates an educational program for children called Professor Paws, investigates the dog and cat meat trade, and provides support and infrastructure to local animal shelters across China.

The charity’s third priority is to improve the welfare of wild animals in captivity. Animals Asia works with zoos, safari parks, and zoo associations to provide free training to zookeepers and staff on species-specific animal welfare and enrichment. They provide veterinary support and training to zoos in need and work to end animal performances in which animals often endure suffering due to inhumane training methods.

Animals Asia welcome visitors to their Chengdu Bear Rescue Centre during the Centre’s open days. You can find out more by contacting Animals Asia headquarters:

Hong Kong (Head Office)
Room 1501, Tung Hip Commercial Building
244-252 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2791 2225

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