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Los 10 mejores tours para un primer viaje a China

China es un país grande y diversificado, con una cultura tan variada y una historia tan larga que puede ser difícil decidir qué ciudades y atracciones priorizar al planear un viaje. Los lugares a visitar durante su viaje en China dependen en gran parte de la duración de su...

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10 Most Incredible Temples in China

China has a history that spans thousands of years, and there is perhaps no better testament to its long and varied past than its temples. These sacred and peaceful havens are the perfect display of China’s diverse religious influences—Buddhist, Confucianist, Taoist, and somet...

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Top 10 Desserts You Have to Try in China

While dessert may not be the first food item that comes to mind when thinking about China’s age-old culinary tradition, sweet treats are actually very common in the Middle Kingdom, especially around holidays like Lunar New Year. And forget the fortune cookie—a unique inventio...

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How to Use WeChat While Traveling in China

WeChat is China’s digital life force. With more than 1 billion monthly active users, this so-called “superapp” is ubiquitous in virtually every aspect of daily life. Locals use it to chat with friends, post updates, pay for pretty much everything, and much, much more, makin...

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Informe 2018 de turismo en China: cuándo y dónde ir

El año pasado, The China Guide organizó excursiones privadas y personalizadas en China a miles de viajeros de varios países, entre ellos Estados Unidos, Alemania, Francia, España, Reino Unido, Canadá y Australia. Ahora que 2019 comienza, The China Guide está lanzando su...

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Top Winter Activities in Beijing

While Beijing may not be everyone’s ideal winter getaway due to its cold, windy weather, if your travels happen to be taking you to the Chinese capital during this time of year, there’s no need to worry! Beijing has loads of winter activities that are fun for everyone, and...

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Best Rainy Day Activities for Your Trip to China

Like anywhere else in the world, the weather in China can be difficult to predict. And while visiting at certain times of the year can help lower your chances of bad weather, it’s possible you’ll encounter some inclement conditions, whether it’s rain, sleet, smog, or extrem...

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A Virtual Food Tour of Beijing’s Hutongs

Strolling into Beijing’s narrow, low-rise alleyways, known as hutongs, will give you an intimate glimpse into the city’s culture and the daily lives of its inhabitants. In addition to traditional courtyard residences, the hutongs are full of hidden, hole-in-the-wall restauran...

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Mejores maneras de moverse en China

Explorar un país nuevo, especialmente un país tan grande y tan distinto como China, puede ser una idea intimidante. Afortunadamente, China posee algunas de las mejores infraestructuras de transporte del planeta, desde trenes balas de clase mundial hasta redes de metro fáciles...

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Best Cruise Excursions from Tianjin or Shanghai Port

Cruises to China are becoming more and more popular, with most cruise ships making stops at Tianjin Port or Shanghai Port. And while cruises are an excellent way to visit multiple destinations without the normal hassles of international travel, being left to your own devices...

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