Tibetan Family Visit and Lunch in Shangri-La

Just a few minutes’ drive from downtown Shangri-La, you will find yourself in the beautiful Tibetan countryside, which is dotted with hills and traditional houses. If are visiting Shangri-La and are interested in learning about the culture and way of life of today’s Tibetan families, we will take you to visit one of these families in the countryside of Shangri-La. This visit offers a one-of-a-kind, intimate glimpse into the daily lives of local families, allowing you to gain a greater appreciation for Tibet’s unique and colorful culture.

Traditional Tibetan house with cows in the yard

Some older houses in the village

Traditional Tibetan houses are designed to blend in with, rather than stand out from, the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds them. As such, they are constructed largely from natural materials, such as wood, stones, and dirt or mud. Many families raise animals as well, including cows, yaks, sheep, and horses.

Interior of the house

With this family visit, you will enjoy traditional Tibetan hot pot for lunch or dinner, which is usually prepared in celebration of Tibetan New Year or Losar. Traditional ingredients of this hearty and delicious stew include yak meat, potatoes, bean curd, cabbage, and more. Then, you will have the opportunity to go inside a traditional Tibetan house and meet the family residing there. You will be able to ask them questions and learn about their daily life and customs.

Tibetan hot pot

After the family visit, you can hike up a small hill behind the house that takes approximately 5 minutes to climb. From the top of the hill, you will enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful countryside and see more of the surrounding traditional houses.

The idyllic countryside of Shangri-La

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