Impression Lijiang Show

Impression Lijiang Show

The Impression Lijiang Show was created by Zhang Yimou, director of the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. The show features hundreds of actors and horses in an open-air theater at 10,170 feet (3500 meters). With the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as the backdrop, the scenario is spectacular on a clear day. The show depicts local folklore and it includes dancing and singing by local minority people. Please note that the show doesn't have a plot, it is more of a display of culture. Since it happens in the daytime, there are no light effects that you may usually see at some other shows in China.

Being an open-air theatre, there is no shelter from the rain or sun. The sun can be very intense due to the high altitude, so you should bring sunblock, a hat, or maybe an umbrella. There are English subtitles on a big screen which can be helpful for foreign audiences.

The show can be conveniently combined with a trip up the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Schedule & Ticket Prices

Show times: varies according to the seasons
Ticket prices: 280 RMB, 346 RMB (VIP)
Average time for this activity: 1 hour

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