Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees (Liurong Temple) is home to the 57 meter high Flower Pagoda, rebuilt in 1097 after the establishment of the temple in AD 537. It's a healthy climb up the seventeen levels if you want to reach the top, but you can stop and look out the mezzanine levels and take in the view from the nine outside balconies on the way. There are intricate wooden carvings under the eaves and a beautiful bronze pillar depicting 1,000 Buddhist figures on the top floor. The Grand Hall has three six meter brass buddhas dating from the 17th century.

There are well-stocked Buddhist supply shops outside the temple grounds selling everything 'devotional', from monks' robes to huge bells, drums and a huge array of statues of the Buddha. These shops are great places to purchase some interesting souvenirs and also give an indication of how many Chinese still worship at these temples, burning incense, praying, and leaving money and offerings on the altars.

Average time for this activity : 1 hrs
Opening hours : 8:30am until 5:00pm with last admission at 4:30pm

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