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How to Book Jiuzhai Valley Tickets Online

Dernière mise à jour le 2019-12-02
How to Book Jiuzhai Valley Tickets Online

On November 28 of 2019, the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area Administration announced on its website that the daily number of tourists will be capped at 20,000 and that all visitors to Jiuzhai Valley must pre-book their tickets on the Aba Tourism website at least one day before their visit to the park, since it will no longer be possible to buy tickets on-site.

Unfortunately, the official ticketing website for Jiuzhai Valley National Park only has a Chinese version. If you don't read Chinese, you can use Google Translate to consult the website in a different language. Also, we have put together the following guide to help you in the process.

How to Book Jiuzhai Valley tickets online

Step 1: Access the official ticket booking website

The official website to book tickets for Jiuzhai Valley is Below you can see what their homepage looks like.

official ticket booking website for Jiuzhai Valley

Step 2: Create an account

In order to book tickets, you need to create an account. Click “注册” (Register) on the homepage to enter the registration page.

booking Jiuzhai Valley ticket - registration

To complete the registration process, you must insert a Chinese mobile phone number to request an activation code. Just follow the notes in the picture above to fill in the requested information and then click the button “注册” (Register) to finish the registration.

Step 3: Login

Once registered, click “个人用户登陆” (Login) on the upright corner of the homepage to enter the login page, as below.

booking Jiuzhai Valley ticket - login

Then, fill in the mobile phone number and the password you set when you created your account, and click the button “登陆” to login.

Step 4: Select a visit date to start booking your tickets

After login, go to the homepage, select “九寨沟” (Jiuzhai Valley) and then select the date in which you're planning to visit (tickets go on sale 10 days in advance). See below:

booking Jiuzhai Valley ticket - select date

Step 5: Select ticket type and fill in visitors’ information

In the ticket and visitor information form (see below), first select the ticket type. Unless you are qualified for a discount, you should select “全价套票” (Full-price ticket), which includes the shuttle bus ride inside the park.

booking Jiuzhai Valley ticket - input visitors' information

For the identity credential field, foreigners should select “其它证件”, and then fill in their passport number and full name. Once finished, click “确定” (Done) to add a visitor. Repeat these steps until all visitors have been added.

After adding all visitors, select a person in the “领票人” field (this is the person who will pick up the tickets at the ticket window on the scheduled visit day). The mobile phone number field will be automatically filled in but you can insert a different one if you want. After all fields have been correctly filled in, please click “确认订单” (Confirm Order) to proceed with the payment.

Step 6: Payment

In the payment page (see below), select “微信支付” (Wechat), “支付宝” (Alipay) or a Chinese bank card, and then click “立即支付” (Pay Now).

booking Jiuzhai Valley ticket - select payment method and pay

If you select Wechat or Alipay, you will see a QR code on the next page. Just use your Wechat or Alipay app on your phone to scan the QR code and complete the payment. If you decided to pay using a Chinese bank card, you will be redirected to an internet banking page to complete the payment.

Step 7: Collect the tickets and check-in

Visitors will have to show their passports to pick up paper tickets at the service window of Jiuzhai Valley Park on the booked date and then use the paper tickets to check-in.

Let The China Guide book tickets on your behalf

The China Guide is a Beijing-based travel agency that creates private, guided tours and offers customized travel services all over China. To have us book tickets to the Jiuzhai Valley for you, please fill in and submit the form below:

Jiuzhai Valley Ticket Booking Form

1. Full ticket price: 23 USD (Entry + Shuttle bus) + 5 USD (Paypal transaction fee + service fee).
2. If any of the visitors are under 18 or above 60 years old, please tell us their age for possible price discounts.
3. Tickets must be booked at least one day before your visiting date (maximum 10 days in advance).

Important notes:
1. Once we receive your booking request, we will send a Paypal invoice to the email address you provide and by which you can pay us either using a credit card or your Paypal account.
2. After the payment is done, we will book the tickets within two hours (during normal working time) and send you the booking confirmation by email.
3. On the scheduled day of your visit, you will need to show the passports of all visitors in your group to pick up the paper tickets at the service window and check-in together. Check the map and read our travel tips for the Jiuzhai Valley.

Opt for a guided, hassle-free tour

If you are visiting more attractions or destinations, you may opt for one of our guided, hassle-free tours. We can add the Jiuzhai Valley Park to your itinerary at your request. Here are some of our most popular package tours that include Chengdu:

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