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UNESCO World Heritage Sites You Must See While in Beijing

Since its launch in 1970s, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee has recognized over 800 sites of particular cultural, scientific, or historical significance around the world. From Macchu Picchu to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, these sites are considered important to global interests...

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​Best Beaches in China

From Beijing to Guangzhou, Chinese summers can be stifling. Luckily, with its 14,500 kilometers of coastline, China is home to some dazzling beaches, offering residents and visitors alike the opportunity to cool down with a refreshing dip in the sea in between tanning sessions...

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A Brief History of Coffee in China

If I asked you to name China’s most popular hot, caffeinated beverage, you’d probably say tea. And you’d be right—with a history of more than 5,000 years, Chinese tea isn’t going anywhere soon. However, coffee—a relative newcomer to the caffeine scene in China—is...

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The 7 Best Language Apps for Travelers to China

Excited for your trip to China, but worried about the language barrier? While English is commonly spoken in other parts of the world, it’s true that you’re less likely to come across Anglophones in China. If you’ll be venturing into the countryside, English will be even...

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Top Ten Books to Read before Coming to China

Many newcomers to China may not know much about it, except that it’s big and has great food. While both of these things are true, China also has a long and eventful history that stretches back thousands of years and it has quickly developed into the world’s most populous...

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The China Guide Rated "Excellent" Since 2012 on Tripadvisor

The China Guide has been rated "excellent" by travelers on Tripadvisor since 2012 when The China Guide initially joined on Tripadvisor. In 2018, we were also inducted in Tripadvisor’s Hall of Fame after winning Tripadvisor’s annual Certificate of Excellence for six years...

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Ten Regional Dishes To Try While in China

Visitors to China are often dying to explore the country’s food scene, but many are surprised to find that the dishes they try aren’t at all like those served at their local Chinese place at home. Even though you might not be able to find fortune cookies, China’s cuisine...

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​Best Places to See Giant Pandas in China

Unmistakable and un“bear”ably cute, the giant panda is China’s most iconic non-human resident and a national symbol. Beloved by people all over the world, seeing a giant panda in China is near the top of many visitors’ lists. While intensive conservation efforts have...

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Comment utiliser votre téléphone portable et Internet en Chine

Vous connaissez tous ce sentiment de panique lorsque vous mettez la main dans votre poche et réalisez que vous avez laissé votre fidèle compagnon, votre téléphone portable, à la maison. Si vous envisagez un voyage en Chine dans le futur, vous avez peut-être ce genre d...

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