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Les meilleurs souvenirs à rapporter de Chine

Vous voilà donc à la fin de votre séjour en Chine et vous vous demandez quels souvenirs rapporter pour impressionner et enchanter vos amis restés au pays. Consultez notre liste de suggestions et c'est le succès assuré! Vins et spiritueuxLa qualité des vins chinois s'est...

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What are the Eight Great Cuisines of China?

For many travelers, food is the highlight of their trip to China. China is home to one of the world’s most ancient and diverse food cultures and for visitors that means that there is always something new to eat and discover! Sometimes it seems like even the smallest towns have...

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What You Need to Know When Planning Your First Trip to China

Travelers have been fascinated with China for centuries, and it’s easy to understand why: an extensive and rich culture born within the borders of breath-taking landscapes and dreamy villages have made this country a shining star. But before we can imagine ourselves climbing...

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Y a-t-il vraiment neuf millions de vélos à Pékin?

Plus de 10 ans après la sortie de la ballade de ‘Nine Million Bicycles’ de Katie Melua, presque tous les expatriés qui vivent dans la métropole animée de Pékin ont été demandé s'il y a vraiment neuf millions de vélos dans la ville. Si vous me demandiez combien de...

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Kung Fu: The Art of Patience Embodied by Martial Arts

The concept of Kung fuWhen most people think of “kung fu”, the first thing that comes to their minds is a proficient martial artist, probably dressed in bright clothes, striking a fierce pose, and with a stern look in his eyes. So it might come as a surprise that contrar...

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Les cinq plus belles merveilles naturelles de Chine

Beaucoup des monuments les plus célèbres de Chine, tels que la Cité Interdite ou le Bund à Shanghai, sont d'origine humaine, mais la nature a aussi ses merveilles. Des forêts vierges aux piscines volcaniques presque surnaturellement colorées, les photographes seront ravis...

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Exploring the Mysterious Tulou of Fujian Province

If you have ever lived in an apartment building of any sort, you will be more than acquainted with the joys and sorrows of living in very close proximity to your neighbors. The inhabitants of the tulou (土楼) in China’s Fujian Province – literally translated as ‘earth...

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A Brief Guide to the Most Famous Water Towns in China

The many water towns dotted around Suzhou and Shanghai are often collectively referred to as the "Venice of the East". These water towns offer a tranquil break from modern China and a glimpse of the time-honored traditions of rural life in the picturesque Jiangnan area as you...

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Our Favorite Offbeat China Destinations

No visit to China would be complete without a visit to the Great Wall or the Forbidden City but there is no doubt that these popular sights can be a little crowded, especially around the main Chinese public holidays. But never fear - there are plenty of off the beaten path destin...

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