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Peking Opera Show

Peking Opera Show

Peking Opera, once a popular entertainment form that few young Chinese people listen to these days, is an experience usually appreciated only by its buffs. If you are interested in Peking Opera and want to spend an evening experiencing traditional Chinese opera culture, then the Huguang Guild Hall opera show is a good choice.

Highlights and Travel Tips

The Huguang Guild Hall is a historic opera house dating back to 1807. There is a small museum at the entrance showing photos of famous performers as well as robes and costumes.

The show lasts about an hour and contains two or three extracts from classic operas. The show involves traditional singing, dancing, fighting, acrobatic actions, and stunningly vivid costumes and face painting. The music is performed live by a small band using traditional Chinese instruments. Before the opera show starts, you also get a chance to watch a performer applying his face makeup.

The show is in Chinese but with English opening and comments between the acts. The theater is not large and has several levels of seats at different prices; many seats are at tables where you can dine while watching the show.

Show Time and Ticket Prices

Show Time: 6:30-7:30pm (NOT daily, please consult before booking)
Ticket Window Price: 180 CNY to 380 CNY (varies according to seat location; book in advance for discounted prices)

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