Passionate, curious, tireless, professional. What more can we say about our multicultural team? We'll let them tell you themselves.

Diana Yang

French & English Travel Specialist

Diana is originally from Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei province. Diana worked in the mechanical industry for a few years, a job that took her to such different countries as the USA, France, and Brazil. After a period of staying at home looking after her newly born child, Diana decided to switch to the travel business as she loves exploring the world. A great listener, Diana is passionate about learning what each traveler's needs are so she can put together unforgettable experiences.

Emily France

Customer Experience Manager

Originally from the United States, Emily moved to Beijing in 2017. From Senegal to New Zealand, she loves to visit and learn about new countries and cultures and has become an expert at packing a suitcase to weigh exactly 50 pounds in the process. Emily enjoys exploring Beijing, as well as the rest of China, and loves to share her discoveries with others.

Jing Liang 景良

Travel Department Manager

Originally from Henan Province, Liang moved to Beijing after spending four years studying in France. Fluent in both English and French, Liang is always eager to listen to traveler's needs and create custom travel experience. With an eye for details and experience traveling all over the world, Liang brings something unique to every tour she plans.

Ju Fengdong 鞠凤东


Originally from Harbin, Ayi is the most important member of The China Guide team! Every day at lunch, Ayi prepares a delicious assortment of dishes, making sure our stomachs are full and our minds have the energy to create a fantastic trip for you.

Linda Yuan 袁冬雪

English Travel Specialist & Travel Operator

Linda, who is a Beijinger through and through, joined The China Guide after she graduated. She is passionate about helping foreigners get to know China’s history, culture, and natural beauty. Outside of work, she enjoys travel, exhibitions, and concerts.

Mia Cai 蔡明姝

English & German Travel Specialist

Born and raised in the northeast of China, Mia studied German in college and worked in the coal and metallurgic industries for over seven years. She enjoys making friends and traveling all around the world. She’s also a big fan of trains; she has traveled on the Trans-Siberian railway and has explored almost all of Japan by train. She’s forthright, welcoming, and passionate about exploring and learning new things. In her spare time, she likes watching movies and Formula One auto racing.

Rebecca Liang 梁晓梨

Travel Operator

After graduating, Rebecca worked at Beijing Capital Airport for three years, so she has an intimate knowledge of the airline industry in China and can offer the other agents advice on planning schedules and choosing flights. Rebecca loves to travel in China and after graduating, she visited at least one or two different cities in China every year. She once took a 1.5-hour flight, a four-hour train, and a five-hour car along winding mountain roads just to visit a canyon stream in a small village.

Sarah Liu 刘艳雪

Travel Department Manager

Passionate about traveling in and out of China, Sarah joined The China Guide in 2013 as a travel specialist and student program planner. She enjoys working with clients to create trips that combine China’s history, culture, traditions, and natural wonders, as well as helping professors design educational programs.

Teresa Cao 曹可佳

Spanish Travel Specialist

Originally from Beijing, Teresa studied Spanish at university, and also spent time studying abroad in Madrid and Barcelona. After her studies, Teresa lived and worked in Argentina for a year, and her passion for traveling has taken her all over Europe and Asia. At The China Guide, Teresa enjoys helping Spanish-speaking travelers to learn about the landscapes, history, and culture of China.

Una 臧梦宇


Una joined The China Guide just after graduating university. She works with the accounting team as a cashier. A travel and sports enthusiast, Una's next trip will be to Sanya on tropical Hainan Island.

Vicky 阎素雅


Vicky comes from Hebei Province and joined The China Guide in 2017 as a cashier. She likes to embroider and read magazines, and is currently planning to travel more with her family.