All our drivers are certified to work in the Chinese tourism industry. Our drivers are trained to drive safely and smoothly on frequently chaotic roads. We prohibit our drivers from smoking in the car or using their mobile phone while driving.

We have a fleet of vehicles at our disposal and will select a vehicle based on the size of your group. We aim to never completely fill a vehicle so that everyone has enough room to spread out and stow their luggage.

Cars and vans have seat belts for you to use. Some larger buses may not. We also provide child seats on request at no extra charge. Please tell your travel specialist in advance if you need one or more child seats. We provide unlimited, free bottled water in all vehicles. Drinking plenty of water while traveling will help you stay hydrated and healthy!

Due to government regulations, different types of cars, vans, and buses are available in different cities around China. If you have particular vehicle requirements, please let your travel specialist know; we will do our best to meet your request. No matter what type of vehicle you use, we guarantee that the vehicle will be clean and in good condition. Below are some vehicles we commonly use in Beijing.