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10 Movies to Watch Before Your First Trip to China

Preparation is a key part of any trip or holiday to China and the more you can learn about the people, culture, and everyday life before you leave, the more you will get out of your experience here. What better way to do that than watching a movie from the comfort of your own...

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The 10 Breakfast Foods You Should Try in China

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when it comes to understanding the food and culture of a country that is certainly true. Breakfast in China may be different to what you are used to but if you throw yourself into it you will be amazed at how many diffe...

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Why China is a Safe Choice for Solo Female Travelers

Start Googling any destination and you will inevitably find plenty of articles asking whether it is safe for women to travel there alone. With that in mind, this blog aims to answer any questions you might have about traveling alone in China as a woman. Straight off the bat...

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How to Avoid the Crowds When Traveling in China

Thanks to its population of 1.3 billion people, it is a simple fact of life that when traveling in China you should be prepared to face some crowds at some point during your trip, especially if you stick to major tourist destinations such as Beijing and Shanghai. However, don...

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How to Book Forbidden City Ticket (Palace Museum) Online

Starting from October 2, 2017, all visitors to the Palace Museum (often referred to as the Forbidden City) must book their tickets online. If you are a foreign traveler and don't know where or how to book the tickets, this article will be your guide! In this article, we will...

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Our Favorite Places to Eat Local Shanghainese Cuisine in Shanghai

A buzzing, international city of 24 million people, Shanghai is one of China’s best foodie destinations, home to thousands of restaurants serving just about any cuisine you can think of. While you can easily spend your days feasting on dishes from around the world, you shouldn...

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Ten of the most out of this world places in China

China is home to some truly spectacular natural and manmade sights, many of which wouldn’t look out of place on the set of a sci-fi movie. For this blog, we rounded up a few of the most out of the world sights that you should consider including on your itinerary. Panjin Red...

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