Fubo Hill

Fubo Mountain, Guilin

Located along the Li River near the center of Guilin, Fubo Hill is a good place to get a bird's-eye view of the city and the Li River with the beautiful karst mountains in the background.

Highlights and Travel Tips

Being only 63 meters in height, Fubo Hill is easy to climb, but do be prepared for some narrow and steep stairs due to the shape of the hill. Once you arrive at the top of the hill, you can take in 360-degree views of the city and Li River, as well as the karst hills that surround the city of Guilin.

Besides the wonderful scenery from atop, Fubo Hill also has caves with various Buddhist statues and Chinese calligraphy inscriptions that might be worth visiting for those interested in Buddhism and Chinese culture. At the base of the hill, there is also a unique stone formation called Sword Testing Stone, where a large rock seems to hang just a few inches above the ground.

Opening Hours and Ticket Prices

Opening hours: 6:30am - 6:00pm
Entrance fee: 30 CNY
Average time for this activity: 1 hour

How to Get There

Located near the center of Guilin, Fubo Hill can be conveniently accessed by taxi or bus.

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