Yadan National Geological Park

Yadan National Geological Park

A bizarre, ghost town like park about two hours drive outside of Dunhuang feels surreal despite its barren Gobi Desert surroundings. Formed over hundreds of thousands of years, Yadan's giant rock formations are a result of wind erosion.

Upon arrival at the park entrance, every visitor must board one of the park's designated buses for a stop and go tour of the formations lasting about 1.5 hours. The tour allows for time at certain spots for visitors to struggle up to the towering figures, but not enough time for in depth trekking through the desert.

This is a very popular spot to watch the sun rise or set, so it will often be more crowded early in the morning and late afternoon. It is essential when visiting Yadan to bring water at all times as the heat can quickly get excruciating.

Average time for this activity : 1.5 hrs

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