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Xiamen Gulangyu Island

Xiamen Gulangyu Island

The most important - and pleasant to visit - tourist district in Xiamen is Gulangyu Island. Gulangyu become an international settlement after Xiamen was opened up to foreign trade in the 1840s. Today, it is famous for its crumbling colonial architecture, winding streets, and, most notably, the fact that it is completely car free.

Among the many scenic spots on the island are Sunlight Rock, the island’s highest point, the Statue of Koxinga (a local hero who drove the Dutch out of Taiwan in the 1660s), and the Piano Museum (located in a garden built by a wealthy Taiwanese businessman). A through ticket costing 100 CNY gets you entry to these and other sights. However, one of the best ways to enjoy the island is simply to wander the streets.

Gulangyu is reached via a 10-minute ferry from Xiamen Ferry Terminal.