Mount Qiyun

Mukeng Bamboo Forest

Located about 33 kilometers (20,5 miles) to the northwest of Huangshan city, Mount Qiyun earned its name from its spectacular sea of clouds which can be seen 260 days a year. Moreover, Mount Qiyun is one of the Four Sacred Mountains of Taoism. While hiking the mountain you will see a Taoist temple and many historic grottoes and inscriptions related to Taoism.

Mount Qiyun is not high, with an elevation of only 585 meters (1,919 ft). There is a cable car that reaches the top of the mountain within a few minutes. This mountain doesn't see many tourists and is worth visiting for those who are interested in Taoism.

Opening hours: 08:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Entrance fee: CNY 55 (December 1st to February 28th) / CNY 68 (March 1st to November 30th)
Cable car fee: CNY 60 (single trip)
Average time for this activity: 1/2 day

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