Huangshan Travel Guide

Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain, is another of China’s many landscapes of exceptional beauty. The pine-covered mountains have been painted continuously through China’s history, and literature is full of yearning to once again see the waxing and waning of the sun over the jagged granite peaks.

The mountain trails are impressive and have a sense of the mysterious, being enshrouded by mist whilst hiking through narrow passes. Upon reaching the summit it is easy to be overcome by complete tranquility as you stand above the clouds surrounded by the calming scent of pine and the passing sounds of the mountain breeze.

The mountains can be climbed on foot or by cable car. For those willing to hike their way up, there are great places to stay overnight on the summit. Likewise, the nearby towns and villages are worth visiting for their quaint charm. Tunxi's Old Street makes for a nice place to stroll and also offers some great accommodation. It may also be possible to get hold of local tea. Anhui province’s Maofeng green and Huangya yellow teas are highly sought after across China, as is the Huangshan chrysanthemum tea (gongju).

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