Suzhou Travel Guide

Tongli Water Town

Tongli Water Town is one of the hidden gems around Shanghai. Some might say it is more interesting than it's wealthier cousin Suzhou.

Highlights and Travel Tips

Tongli Water Town is small, pedestrianized and has village charm. While it receives a lot of tourists, it still has people living in it and the atmosphere has not been compromised.

You can enjoy a home cooked lunch along the canals or stop for a coffee or tea. Lots of narrow lanes and canals lend to its charm. A canal cruise is optional. Walking the canal banks can be just as rewarding since its nice to check out the shops and take photographs.

There is a small hotel in Tongli with traditional style architecture. While most visitors just pass through on their way between Shanghai and Suzhou, it is a convenient stop along the way.

Average time for this activity : 3 hrs
Opening hours : 7:30am until 5:15pm

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