Maps and Navigation

If you are travelling with one of our tours, you don't need to worry about maps — your guide and driver will handle all the directions. However, if you are travelling by yourself, it is a good idea to install a map or navigation app.

Roaming data charges will add up fast if you are using maps on your phone. We suggest that you use your hotel's free Wi-Fi to find destinations and plan routes before heading out.

Does Google Maps or Apple Maps work in China?

Google Maps is blocked in China - you will need to sign up for a VPN to get around this. Note that Google Maps’ satellite view does not match with the map view. This is a Chinese government mandate. In addition, China is building new roads and buildings everyday, so you may find the streets around you are different than those shown on the map.

Apple Maps works in China, you can use Apple Maps if you have an iPhone or iPad.

There are a number of excellent Chinese map apps but unfortunately none of them support English as of yet.

Tour Map of China

We have customized this Google map and use it throughout the website to show you the location of different venues. Here the view is zoomed out on all of China. You may zoom in on different locations to see our custom annotations (Note that this map will not display properly if you are accessing it without a VPN in China).

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